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Indulge your senses with our hand selected signature Sediko Bush Spa treatments. Our signature spa experiences present unique and lavish treatments, creating the perfect Sediko of indulgence and well-being.

Merlot Bath | Cleopatra Milk & Honey Bath | Himalayan Pink Salt Massage | Hammam Treatment | Razul Treatment | Vichy Shower Massage Therapy | Flotation Therapy

Merlot Bath

for two
R1200 | 60min

Soaking in red wine may be the only thing more heavenly than drinking it. No need for compromises as the Sediko Merlot bath offers both. Baths have a profound effect on mind body and soul. The signature outdoor Sediko Merlot bath enjoyed on your own or with the special person in your life, will leave you drifting in pure bliss while enjoying a glass of Merlot, creating a tranquil nurturing environment away from the rest of the world. This Merlot bath comprises an abundance of nature’s relaxing and rejuvenating botanicals and will be one of the most austere and effective body rituals that will become sacrosanct for your total relaxation

Cleopatra Milk & Honey

Bath for two
R950 | 60min

This spiritual cleansing bath is an opulent must do spa treatment
Lounging in our signature milk and honey bath, is the perfect couple relaxing and unwinding treatment. Milk baths have been enjoyed for centuries, from ancient Romans to the fabled Cleopatra who gained her renowned complexion by bathing in milk and honey.
Sip a glass of bubbly in your milk cocoon and join the rich and famous in this ultra-luxurious beauty trend. Experience the benefits of a softer smoother skin while snacking with your partner on a milk inspired canape platter.

milk bath

Himalayan Pink Salt

R1 100 | 60min

This unique signature treatment where no spoken words are used, brings the ancient spiritual magical techniques of Tibet to the shores of the Limpopo river, through sound, rhythm, chanting and drumming. Heighten your massage experience in a Himalayan Pink Salt room, with a calming hot Pink Salt stone massage. Eighty trace minerals are absorbed by the body during this signature thermal massage replacing minerals lost during intensive workouts or ongoing stress. Soothe away stress and tension and experience an increased sense of wellbeing with ground properties promoting healthy respiratory systems, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, light exfoliation and relief of insomnia


R1 600 | 90min

While resting on a heated marble formation, the Sediko Hammam treatment takes you on a journey of profound relaxation. Hammam is an extraordinary ceremony of purification. This ritual initiate with a black olive soap body wash and exfoliation to polish skin texture and remove dead skin layers. Continue your anti-aging body ritual with a full body massage and self-application of Turkish Delight body butter, nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals enhancing deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
Experience rehydrated skin, balanced skin oil secretion, improved skin color, refined skin texture as well as reduced stress and anxiety. This relaxing treatment utilises the irrefutable health benefits of steam and warmth leaving you in a total state of relaxation


R600 | 30min

The Sediko signature Razul cleansing treatment, based on a traditional Arabian bathing ritual that exfoliates the skin, pampers you under the light of a thousand stars. The combination of heat, steam and mud allow for an all-embracing relaxing skin pampering treatment in a magical and sensual private Razul chamber. Different therapeutic muds are self-applied to various areas of the body, steamed and washed off with warm tropical rain water falling from the starry sky.
Relaxing in the controlled exposure to warm and moist air, relieves tension through muscle relaxation and as a result, eliminates toxins via opened pores that advances the circulatory system. This ideal treatment for couples or groups of friends promises a heightened sense of relaxation and well-being.

Vichy Shower Massage

R1 600 | 60min

This treatment, simulating free floating on water, originated in France and offers a full body luxury exfoliation and body mask pamper, merging the healing properties of clear running water. Experience a relaxing shower massage, lie down whilst water is pulsated onto the skin through a set of seven shower heads. Relax as the cascading water bathes you and alleviates sore and tired muscles. The Vichy shower massage aids in lymphatic circulation, detoxifying the body, helping it fight infection. Experience enhanced blood circulation, body hydration, reduction of stress and improved vitality and suppleness of the skin.


R400 | 30min

Sediko Floatation therapy is an excellent yet incredibly effortless technique to boost total health and happiness. Absolute sensory deprivation is achieved by floating under the stars in an enclosed dark floatation pool that eliminates all sensory experiences such as sight, smell, touch and sound. Body temperature water allow the typical sensation of weightlessness. Without any effort to stay afloat, continue peacefully float while immersed in stillness and tranquility. Experience ultimate stress reduction, relief of anxiety, increased circulation and total relaxation with this exceptional therapy.

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